All our hand built card cases are finished with natural tung oil and are hand buffed for a smooth touch.

Why tung oil?
After many years of testing other finishes, I have come to appreciate the richness of natural wood without the fillers, stains and synthetic finishes of commercial furniture. To preserve the natural beauty of wood, tung oil is the finest finish available. Synthetic finishes like lacquer, varnish, and shellac protect wood with a hard layer that resides on the surface and does not penetrate into the wood. These types of surface finishes prevent the development of patina, the depth and tone that only natural aging can produce. Tung oil does not reside on the surface, it penetrates into the wood to enhance its natural beauty. Tung oil is flexible due to the cross linking of the oilís molecules, and is therefore capable of withstanding wear and tear. It is also impervious to alcohol and is waterproof. Tung oil allows wood to continue its aging process and to develop a rich patina. A tung oil finish will only become more beautiful with time.

Tung tree
The tung tree is a deciduous shade tree native to China and its seeds are rich in unsaturated oils. For centuries tung oil has been used for paints and waterproof coatings, a component of caulk, an ingredient in ink and is commonly used for a lustrous finish on wood.

Buffing process After coating with natural tung oil our casess are buffed using a 3-step process yielding a product that begs to be handled. The first step uses a Tripoli compound on an all flannel wheel for the initial buffing, leveling out the finish and removing any scratches. The second step uses a White Diamond compound on a flannel/cotton wheel, taking out any remaining scratches and begins to polish. The third step uses Carnuba wax on an all cotton wheel to buff the cases to a glossy, silky smooth finish.